Family First

Our objective

Turnkey Development Institute is committed to providing tools and strategies to families in urban communities to aid in empowering them to overcome poverty. We believe that by providing families with a Family Development Plan (FDP) along with resources, motivation, and an accountability partner we can increase their protentional to overcome poverty. While participating in our Family First Program, families meet with a licensed Family Development Specialist (FDS) and are encouraged to set realistic goals for both their family and individually. Families are encouraged to set career goals, financial goals, and parenting goals. Once a family has developed an FDP they meet weekly with their (FDS) for support and are linked to community partners that provide assistant with accomplishing their goals.

How We Deliver on Our Promise

The Family First initiative takes a holistic approach to family stabilization. Family First assist parenting partners with developing a Development Plan (FDP) with each participant’s associated goals and benchmarks for success along with intensive case-management.

There are five core components that the Family First Program. The “Family First” approach focuses on, and when utilized together they create a framework to work holistically with families seeking support.

The Family First five core areas include:

  • Joining – Interviewing and dialog skills, building relationships, and cultural competency
  • Assessment – Assessing family strengths, challenges and resources
  • Planning – Develop well-formed goals and create plans to reach a family’s vision towards self-sufficiency
  • Support – Evaluate barriers that may prevent families from moving forward
  • Linking – Connecting families to community partners by providing effective referrals while continuing to support the family

The program encourages work with the entire family with the result leading them to self-sufficiency.