Our Founder and CEO

Who is David Fluellen ?

David Fluellen began working in service of returning citizens in 2009 with Build the  Bridge of Ohio, where he worked as a Program Instructor. During this time David was able to establish and develop relationships with local employers in order to form a job lead base. He was also instrumental in ensuring job readiness programs were implemented.

David continued honing these skills while working with Rise High Inc. as a Program Coordinator. While operating in this capacity David developed a highly successful Job Readiness Program. Leveraging partnerships that he cultivated and making the appropriate referrals for enrollment resulted in a 88 percent job placement rate.

Continuing his work in community outreach and having a greater breadth of knowledge in networking with existing community resources, David began working with Project Linden Inc. as a Job Placement Coordinator in 2011.While working with Project Linden, David continued working to provide returning citizens with the resources and skills required to lessen the difficulties they face as they reintegrate themselves into society until 2013.

In May 2013, David founded Turnkey Development Institute, which is located in the heart of Columbus’ near east side at 1741 E. Main Street. As Founder and CEO of Turnkey, David oversees all daily operations. David uses his more than 12 years of experience working throughout the state providing training to at risk youth, low income families and formerly incarcerated persons returning to society to make certain that Turnkey can better assess the needs of the community. Turnkey Development Institute is committed to providing tools and strategies to families in urban communities to aid in empowering them to overcome poverty. David holds the belief that, “Every Family Counts”, that is to say community stabilization must start with stabilizing individual families. Turnkey Development Institute works to make certain every family has access to the resources required to bring this to fruition. To that end, Turnkey Development Institute has developed a program to provide education to fathers in underprivileged and undeserved communities on infant mortality, DADS2B. This program aims to help fathers understand that they are integral to their child’s life from pregnancy to birth and well beyond. DADS2B serves an average of 54 fathers per month. Of those 54 fathers, approximately 85% return weekly with the remaining 15% being new participants in the program. While DADS2B specifically targets fathers, the program was designed to include expectant mothers as well. In doing so, fathers and mothers alike learn the importance of family structure, bringing full circle the Turnkey’s goal to bring stabilization to families.