our program's

Turnkey Development Institute works to make certain every family has access to the resources required to overcome poverty. We believe that “Every Family Counts”, We believe that community stabilization must start with stabilizing individual families. We do this through interrelated programs:

  • Fresh Start – Skilled Trade Training Program
  • DADS – Educations Sessions for Current and Expecting Fathers
  • Family First – Family Development and Goal Setting Program

our Mission

To provide tools and strategies to families in underprivileged communities to aid in empowering them to overcome poverty.

Our Values

  • To Inspire families to obtain success despite their current situation
  • To support families during their journey to accomplishing their goals
  • To be the first to acknowledge and celebrate milestones and accomplishments

What Makes TDI Unique

Turnkey Development Institutes offers a two generation holistic approach to overcoming poverty by empowering parents and their children. While there are numerous organizations throughout Franklin County that offer programming designed to combat poverty to men and women, we are intentional about designing programming that is specific to the entire family.